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Increase growth

Listening can be more important than talking, because customer-centric communication is the basis for economic success. If you want to strengthen customer relationships and win over potential customers, you have to offer your target groups relevant content on every channel and keep an eye on what really works.

Farn steigert sein Wachstum an einer Wand

Put an end to communication in silos

Customers want to understand what a company offers and what it is all about. We work with you to create an overall picture of your company and combine all communication disciplines – so that you become the authority on your subject. Akima is a content and channel specialist and can help dissolve existing communication silos. We monitor the overall success of your campaign by measuring impact in all channels. The results are efficient and exciting campaigns that increase business success.

Hearing is crucial.

Impact measurement

Campaign impact in black and white.

Lead generation

Inspire interested parties.

Consulting & Strategy

Navigate through changes.

Business Performance

Increase success.

Your business in the context of market and target groups

We are IT and tech experts and understand our customers’ market. Only those who understand these topics from different angles and can comprehend the entire environment can grow. Akima is an honest sparring partner who sees things through the customer’s eyes. With the help of leading digital tools and decades of market expertise, we place topics and offers.

Environment analysis
  • Market and competition analyses
  • SWOT Analyses
  • Media and Social Media Audit
  • Online visibility and keywords
  • Customer journeys
  • Topic and Influencer Monitoring
Strategic analysis
  • Target group survey
  • Persona research
  • User behaviour
  • Web analytics
  • Online marketing monitoring
  • ROI Measurement
IT und Tech Themen aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln

“What I appreciate in Akima is the professionalism, dedication, thoughtfulness, and ability to put themself in our company’s place.”

– Dirk Schrader, CMO at Greenbone Networks

Communication programs that work

The communications department does not have an easy job in soliciting budgets. Key figures on the impact of campaigns against the budget are demanded. We provide key figures for our communication programs that reflect their success. Using these, companies can see what resonance and response their content is generating. With a media analysis, we find out which of your topics and messages are suitable for generating social engagement and with which content you can best generate qualified marketing leads.

Our services include
  • Media analyses (quantitative/qualitative)
  • Social and digital analytics
  • Lead Generation Tracking
  • KPI Workshops
  • Setting up measurement and evaluation including integration into the company’s own control models
  • Lessons learned and optimization workshops
  • On-site support in the installation, operation and evaluation of measurement systems
  • Evaluation and reporting (standard solutions / customer-specific solutions)

Lead generation: reach your target groups with data-driven online marketing

Address the technology decision-makers relevant to you with your content via online channels. With convincing content, you will gain valuable contacts according to defined criteria: size and industry of the employing company, decision-maker level, BANT statements, budget and more.

Your content is delivered to the right people via all online channels. Together, we will find the right strategy for you to attract promising prospects for your solutions with the right technology partner.

Data-driven campaign formats
  • Cost per Lead
  • Social Advertising/Social Selling
  • Whitepaper- und Referenzkampagnen
  • Content curation
  • Display advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Video ads
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Re-Targeting
Dosenwerfern als Metapher für

“Akima does an excellent job in communicating with our target groups. The messages are very well received by our readers in DACH. Thanks – well done!”

– Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA Marketing Director at Skyhigh Networks

Understanding digital change as an opportunity

Digital transformation poses unexpected challenges to companies, media and communications. But they can be mastered!
For a long time, digitalization was seen as a supplement to previous processes and procedures. Today everyone knows that it is at the heart of change. Almost 70 percent of managers are concerned about whether their current business model will still work tomorrow.

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PR und Marketing in Zeiten von Corona

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