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Strengthen and protect reputation

The saying “Once your reputation is ruined, you can live it up in total freedom” is unfortunately not true for companies. Bad news is spread at lightning speed and can quickly become business critical. Those who are not well prepared leave themselves open to possible crises.

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We turn managers into ambassadors.

Crisis- & Issues Management

Your partner before, during and after the crisis.

Employer Branding

Winning over talents.


We protect your reputation.

CSR & Sustainability

Take responsibility.

Public expectations of company bosses in the digital economy are increasing – we turn top managers into convincing ambassadors for their company

C-level managers are the first ambassadors of a company. With their behaviour, communication and appearance they represent the company internally and externally. They are at the forefront when it comes to explaining the company’s strategy, leading through crises or entering into dialogue with a wide variety of reference groups. Their behaviour always reflects on the company and its public perception.

Our services for CxO positioning

  • Audit for the positioning of the company and its top management in the media
  • Identification of the information needs of relevant reference groups
  • Development of target group specific messaging and storylines
  • Media training and testing of the messaging
  • Communicative outreach/media placement
  • Social CxO positioning: conception and implementation
  • Influencer relations
  • Media and reputation analyses
  • Benchmark analyses and recommendations for action
  • On-site coaching and training, for example Twitter and LinkedIn training courses.
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“For many years we have relied on Akima for our board positioning and financial communications. The excellent results speak for themselves: our annual report is always at the top of the ranking of the leading business newspaper BILANZ, and in 2014 it was even awarded the title of best annual report of the year in the TecDAX. In addition, we have achieved consistently positive coverage in all major media and significantly increased the visibility of Software AG. Akima’s strategic PR and financial communications team is doing an excellent job and always goes the extra mile“.

– Byung-Hun Park, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at Software AG

Akima – your proven partner before, during and after a crisis

Digitization has a positive impact on our economy through new business processes and models. But it also increases the vulnerability of companies to crises. Most managers see new technologies as the biggest trigger for corporate crises, followed by classic operational causes. The questions of whether the current business model will still exist tomorrow and how vulnerable digital business processes or global supply chains will become are of continuous concern to corporate leaders. Moreover, digital media accelerate every crisis: opponents mobilize there, communication becomes emotionalized and rumors are spread. This forces companies to manage crises extremely quickly.

Akima is your partner for these stormy times. We provide support in crisis prevention and communication as well as in post-crisis management. Our customers can count on nationwide and international consultants available 24/7, established crisis management processes as well as our experience from numerous crisis projects.

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Attracting talent with employer branding // Make your employer brand shine

We support you in building and maintaining your brand. Together we develop a promise of your company to (future) employees. In addition, together we create the strategic basis to design and implement the appropriate measures in personnel marketing, recruiting and talent management for you.

  • Development of Employer Value Proposition
  • Workshops with corporate management and HR
  • Social CxO Positioning
  • Corporate Influencer campaigns
  • Career website
  • Support of application portals
  • Employee survey & result analysis
  • Support for career events

Maintaining and expanding the good reputation of a brand

In the past, the reputation of a company was primarily based on hard facts such as growth, profit and product innovation. Today, it is increasingly based on actions geared towards sustainability and social responsibility. We support companies in planning, building, maintaining, managing and controlling their reputation towards all relevant stakeholders. Together with our specialist shareholder, the Faktenkontor Group, we carry out proven analyses, make concrete recommendations and support the implementation of sustainability-oriented reputation programs using proven methods.

Our services
  • Reputation analyses across all media types and channels
  • AI-based reputation analyses
  • Development of strategies for sustainable reputation management involving relevant organizational units of a company
  • Establishment, operation and maintenance of reputation measurement systems (in-house and external)
  • Consultation and support in the implementation of reputation programs and individual measures

“We are impressed by the variety of high-quality, relevant PR results. Thanks to the successful positioning of our experts and the comprehensive presentation of our solution portfolio, we are now a sought-after discussion partner for trade and business media.”

– Jörg Mecke, Position Division Manager Business Productivity at Axians IT Solutions GmbH

Do good and talk about it: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The social responsibility of companies in terms of sustainable management is increasing in times of stakeholder activism, globalization and digital transformation. We support companies in implementing a holistic corporate social responsibility strategy, setting CSR goals, introducing the necessary processes and then conducting dialogue with relevant stakeholder groups. In doing so, we are a critical and results-oriented companion to the internal CSR teams so that CSR programs are implemented in a binding manner and have an impact on all corporate processes.

Our services
  • CSR Audits
  • Benchmark analyses
  • Development of CSR communication strategy
  • CSR Stakeholder Mappings
  • CSR Workshops
  • Integration into internal CSR programs and departments
  • Storylining and content production
  • Media and Digital Relations
  • Planning and implementation Stakeholder dialogue
  • Analyses of media resonance and stakeholder engagement
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Whitepaper: PR und Marketing in Zeiten von Corona
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PR and marketing in times of Corona

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